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Fallen Stock

The OBB have run a flesh collection service for a number of years. We aim to offer a service to those farmers and smallholders who support  the hunt, disposing of fallen stock at a low price that simply reflects the our costs in disposing of the waste. 


Our facilities are approved by the Animal and Plant Health Authority. We are able to take in bovines of up to twelve months of age, as well as sheep. Our prices are currently as follows:


  • Calves up to 6 months of age, collected: £20

  • Calves of up to 6 months of age dropped at kennels: £15

  • Cattle up to 12 months of age, collected: £35

  • Cattle up to 12 months of age dropped at kennels: £25

  • Sheep collected: £25

  • Sheep dropped at kennels: £20


Those who anticipate having a number of carcasses per year to dispose of can obtain a discount by paying in advance. 


Unfortunately, because of the costs of disposal and various regulations, we cannot accept any types of carcass for disposal other than those listed above.


If you would like to take advantage of this service, please contact us on 07712 589285..

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