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Frequently asked questions


What's the attraction? 

People go beagling for different reasons, but watching a pack of hounds work in beautiful countryside, getting some exercise and enjoying being a member of a friendly club with a lot of social events are among the main attractions. 


I haven't got any experience of beagling - does this matter?

Not at all - everybody was new once! 


I'm a bit nervous about coming hunting for the first time - will there be someone there to show me what to do?

Yes. Anybody coming out for the first time will be accompanied by an experienced follower, who will explain what is going on and make sure that the new follower is looked after.


What does it cost?

Not much - have a look at our visitors and members pages. 


Do I need a horse?

No! Everybody who goes beagling does so on foot. (Although sometimes our Huntsman and Whippers In would quite like a horse when they get out of breath). 


Can I bring my children?

We particularly welcome younger followers - to date, the record for our youngest follower is about two weeks old. Be warned though, children do rather take to beagles...


What should I wear?

The simple answer is anything you like (probably best to keep it within reason though!). Dress for being outside for an afternoon in the British wintertime - warm layers and waterproofs definitely help! With regards to footwear, boots and wellies are both popular choices, although the more active may opt for running shoes (and consequently, wet feet). 


I don't really know what beagling is - can you help?

Take a look at our What is beagling? page or at the Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles website.


I'd like to come out but I'm worried I'm not fit enough! Is that a problem?

No! We have followers of all levels of fitness and of all ages - from toddlers through to those in their eighties. Followers can decide how energetic they want to be - some run and keep up with hounds, some walk and others take up a stratgeic vantage point with a pair of binculars. Most combine all three approaches!




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